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Video Clips

It’s no secret to locals and visitors that the Yorke Peninsula is a beautiful place to visit and live, and from time to time we like to share this wonderful secret with the world! Being such a wonderful place, and full of lovely people it’s no surprise there have been a lot of television episodes, news items and commercials featuring the region. We’ve added a snapshot of some of our favourites here, enjoy!

Find your escape

A group of friends hire a private island located off South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula coast to create a surprise birthday experience. The trip that follows is unlike any they have ever experienced before – an aural and visual explosion featuring some of South Australia’s best. This award-winning commercial documents the trip.

Kids, Crabs and the Best Day Ever – Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

‘Kids, Crabs and the Best Day Ever” by Randy Larcombe is part of the South Australian Tourism Commission’s Through Local Eyes film project.